"I find the Taktifol rink diagrams a great coaching tool at the National Junior U20 Team’s pre-World Championship Training Camp and at the Championship, including when travelling interstate with the AIHL Adelaide Adrenaline Team.  I also use the sheets for team meetings in the hotel as well as in the dressing room between periods."
Ryan O'Handley - National Junior Team and Adelaide Adrenaline Head Coach
"Taktifol is just right for coaches"
Mirko Slomka, Bundesliga Coach - FC Schalke
"Taktifol can be used anywhere – it is ideal for coaches"
Kay Blumel, German Basketball National Coach
"Taktifol is optimal for handball coaches"
Bob Hanning, CEO of Germany's handball coach association
"Taktifol isone of thebestinventions thathasoccurred in tacticalmedia"
UweKrupp, German National Ice Hockey Coach
"Taktifol impressed meas avolleyballcoach"
Michael Warm, Austrian National Vollyball Coach
"I'm excited about Taktifol"
Reinhold Fanz, Cuban National Football Coach
"There just is nothing better for away games"
Christian Hock, Bundesliga Coach
"Taktifol is self-adhesiveandwipe clean-a perfect tool"
PhilippMueller, President Swiss Football Coaches Union
"Taktifol, indispensable in the sport of football"
Piet van deKerkhof, Football Technical Adviser VVON Holland
"Taktifol is the best medium for the training of executives I've ever had"
Thomas Schneider, University lecturer in organizational and operational tactics