Taktifol now also used in the German Armed Forces

 Originally, Taktifol was developed 5 years ago as a tactical tool for soccer coaches. The goal was to develop a medium, which is as convenient as a tactic board, but also mobile and very inexpensive. The result was a foil that sticks everywhere due to its electrostatic charge, and even is dry-erasable when you use the Taktistick markers. And the best: you can fold the foil if necessary and take it with you in your pocket.

The coaches realized the benefits quickly and Taktifol became in a short time the standard equipment for training and game. Today, Taktifol is a supplier of many national teams in different sports.

Soon, the fire departments urged Taktifol’s distributors to also develop a foil for firefighting situation displays. Immediately after the launch, ‘Taktifol FIRE’ was quickly successful. Not only the fire departments in Germany were excited, now the foil is even used in the USA and Canada.

Also, the ‘Taktifol-Universal-Foil’  - without printing and so universally applicable - is for regular meetings very popular among many departments and completes the product range.

Now, also police, German armed forces and first responders have become aware of Taktifol: Representatives of the rocket artillery battalions and German armed forces 132 in the Thuringian Sondershausen are enthusiastic users of this innovative medium. “Especially for the use in action as ORF-battalion in Kosovo we allocated a large supply order of foils” report the colleagues of the local S4-department.  "It is of crucial importance during action in crisis areas to ensure a quick and clean situation display on site. For this Taktifol is ideally suited," explains press officer of the RakArtBtl 132.


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