Taktifol is new partner of the DHB (German Hockey League) qualification initiative

 The German Hockey League has a new partner in Taktifol. “I am glad, that we could win the Taktifol group with its innovative product as partner for our qualification initiative,”  explains Heino Knuf, teaching coordinator of the DHB. 

Especially for coaches with a limited budget, Taktifol offers an inexpensive and practical opportunity to tactically educate and position the team.

“Taktifol’s secret is the electrostatic charge,” explains Jürgen Zinsmeister, CEO of Taktifol. And indeed, the sheets stick to every gym door, mirror, and wall – simply everywhere. Without residue, it can be removed and reapplied almost as often as needed. Even on irregular panels of gym walls there are no problems. Taktifol simply sticks and offers the coach unprecedented flexibility.

The corresponding Taktistick markers are dry-erasable, and writings can be easily wiped off with a plain paper towel or even with a finger. This makes Taktifol operational like a heavy tactic board, but this medium is as easy to transport as a sheet of paper. The coaches can actually bring it to the gym in their trouser pocket.

When asked how many times each sheet can be used, CEO Zinsmeister responds:  “ Each coach has to find out for himself. Not fading adhesives, but rather slight residue during erasing keeps the reusability to certain limits.”  Generally, a sheet is used about 3-6 times before the coach considers it unusable.

The national coaches are already convinced of Taktifol. “ We can attach whole series of hockey sheets without any problem to the gym wall during training, and with this explain complex game strategies in front of the whole team,”  exclaims the national coach enthusiastically.

Taktifol is on the upswing in other sports too, even UEFA has since become aware and equipped its European national soccer coach with the Taktifol sample sheets.

No doubt, this is also an indication that the DHB has a sure hand in choosing his partners.


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